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The Spiritual Path


According to traditional Hindu theory, our current era is known as the Age of Decadence, or Kali Yuga. Only 25-percent of dharma, or truth and righteousness, exists. Many times we witness character traits embodying disingenuousness, corruption, a widespread lack of integrity, as well as a sloping ethical decline. Just read the daily headlines.




Gold ingots

Liars, swindlers, and charlatans abound. Dishonesty and deceit reign. Abrasiveness, hostility, and a chic cynicism have become commonplace attitudes. People are consumed with money and the acquisition of material goods. They have chosen to wear blinders so opaque that their spiritual nature eludes them. Many can't recognize genuine spirituality. They have chosen instead a faux spirituality - superficial, materialistic, and geared toward the lowest common denominator. These souls have lost sight of God.


As Jesus stated, you are a sheep among wolves in this world (Mt. 10:16). Your duty is not to succumb to all the secularism around you. Never compromise your ideals. Never lower yourself to those around you who may lie, steal, cheat, and backstab. Anchor your being in God, and maintain your integrity no matter what. Try not to react to difficult people or challenging situations. Persevere with faith and fortitude. Think of what Jesus or Buddha or Krishna would do in every circumstance of life. Follow their example. (Okay, Jesus might banish commercial interests from his church, and Krishna might battle evildoers, but you get the drift.)


Inner Teachings


A watered-down spirituality exists for mass consumption. This ersatz brand of spirituality has nothing to do with the deep-seated transformation that genuine mysticism confers. This compromised spirituality is more of a comfort religion, designed to make people feel good about themselves when in fact they've accomplished nothing on the spiritual path. It's spearheaded not by mystics but by spiritual salespeople and merchandisers who are, in reality, ignorant of God. It is often championed by clueless talk-show hosts, entertainers, and others in the media spotlight who hype questionable or fraudulent teachers and superficial, mediocre, or materialistic paths that go nowhere.


Many traditional mystical paths espouse secret or inner teachings to which only the most sincere and dedicated aspirants have access. The aspirant must demonstrate their capacity to receive such teachings by virtue of their continuing commitment to the spiritual path. Stagnancy does not count. As Gerald Heard wrote, "Either we are convinced that the life of God is the only life and all our efforts, actions, interests, and concerns are combined and centered on that one goal, or we are simply sinking and being dissolved in the general degenerative flux, down to the dread dead sea of the final entropy."


"Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached."

Swami Vivekananda


You must become what you believe. Embrace the Infinite. Never slacken up your practice. Establish a deep inner connection with God that is stronger than the pull of the world. Be undaunted in your resolve, and the blessed presence of God will unfold itself over time, dismantling your ego and enveloping you in a sublime rapture undreamt of by men or gods.


What Matters Most



St. Catherine of Siena

Meditation counts. It is extremely beneficial to set aside quiet time in order to immerse ourselves in the deep silence that is God. It is difficult to discern this silence when shuffling about in the secularized, workaday world. Ethics count. In an age dominated by deception and corruption, an aspirant should strive to uphold their personal integrity at all times. Be enamored of telling the truth, and your spiritual path will unfold before you.


What really matters most on the spiritual journey is a burning aspiration, a passionate zeal that engulfs your being. It is a yearning, a heartfelt desire to know God above all things. At every moment, cleave to God and God alone. Inwardly, intentionally nurture this deep connection, establishing and maintaining it at all times. Jesus said it best, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength" (Mk. 12:30, quoting Deut. 6:5).


Remember, this world is illusory in nature. It is a projection that vibrates in time and space. You are here because you have material ties. Your purpose is to break your attachment to materialism. Align yourself with the spiritual. Never lose sight of your goal. Disentangle yourself from the mass hypnosis that has overtaken most of humanity. Walk away from the insidious grip of consumerism. Wake up to your true purpose in life.


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