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This is an age of illusion. Values are topsy turvy. The inept are rewarded, the corrupt get ahead. Con artists succeed, and poseurs attain positions of prominence.


In many ways authentic spirituality has gone underground, while a kind of bogus spirituality flourishes. Authentic spirituality is easily defined as any path that enables you to experience the ultimate reality, or God. It is most readily found in the mystical elements of the world’s major religions.


If your goal is invoking God to acquire money, fame, power, status, or possessions, then you will be right at home in today’s world of bogus spirituality. If your goal is God alone, you should be completely outraged at the many deceptions and lies that are often perpetuated in the name of religion. We have all been duped by the occasional swindlers masquerading as holy persons and spiritual teachers.


"Seek first the kingdom of God."



Yet, many aspirants embarking on the path of spirituality do not want authentic spirituality. Instead they delve into "higher things," or they get involved with secondary goals that have nothing to do with God. Some want to use God to enhance their worldly position, obtain material goods, increase health, or prolong their lives. This is a travesty of what authentic spirituality has to offer, which is self-transcendence, not self-improvement.


The goal of authentic spirituality is to experience God. Toward this end, the spiritual aspirant is best served by acquiring a keen sense of discrimination, empowering him or her to be as sharp as a tack while traversing their spiritual path. By utilizing this discrimination, many pseudo-spiritual traps can be avoided.




Sri Ramakrishna

The aspirant should further develop the ability to discern the legitimate from the false. During the course of spiritual discipline a person's divine eye (divya chakshu) opens up, enabling him or her to see things as they really are, stripped of hype, illusion, and emotional projection. This ability instantly allows the aspirant to see through the many frauds that are often foisted in the name of spirituality. This sense of discernment is one of the aspirant's greatest assets on their spiritual journey.


Authentic spirituality is at the core of all religions, but it is often buried under layers of ritual and dogma. Every religion contains a mystical element. It is up to the spiritual seeker to find and follow this mystical facet and forge a path that leads straight to God, nimbly sidestepping all the traps along the way.


To experience God is the overarching goal of human life. This experience is found through the practices of prayer, meditation, devotion, and surrender. This experience transforms the aspirant, imbuing his or her life with meaning, purpose, peace, and joy. Anyone and everyone has access to this sublime experience.


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